response from Pastor Timoth

to Derek Chauvin guilty vercict (4/20/21)

It has only been a few short weeks since we recounted the events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem… the crowd assembled, littering the road with their outer garments and breaking off tree branches to wave like banners in the air. Their shouts for change rang loudly in the ears of the oppressors. And Jesus remarked that if the disciples and the crowd were told to watch their tone… the stones themselves would cry out. 

The cries heard that day from those lining Jesus’ route have echoed down throughout the years from the mouths of those who consistently have found their very breath stifled by systems of oppression in this nation. And today’s decision in regard to the death of George Floyd provides a very brief moment for that breath to be freely taken, though cautiously so.

Brief because as we have seen before and since the death of George Floyd, the existence of those who are Black, Indigenous and people of color is under significant threat. And a guilty verdict is not a depiction of change.

For the moment, we recognize that justice prevailed. Yet seeking justice is a constant process. We have not arrived at this moment to find that everything has changed. It has not. We have yet more work to do. 

And we at Newman UCC are committed to this work. 

Tonight we hold the family of George Floyd in prayer, asking God to allow them a night of peaceful rest. Tonight we pray for the breath of God to flow through all of our BIPOC neighbors filling their lungs to capacity once again. And tomorrow we begin again… this time as the crowd gathered with shouts of acclimation for justice has been served.

racial justice

As a church, we confess our complicity and participation in the abhorrent sin of racism that has plagued our nation for over 400 years. We make the claim as people of faith that every person is a beloved child of God and is to be welcomed among us and to be treated with dignity and respect. We seek to respond from our faith perspective, as followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ, teachings that make it imperative that we speak humbly, but boldly, against injustice to God's children. Thus, we seek to engage in programming and study that leads to an experience of true equity for our neighbors of color.



Participate in our monthly Racial Justice Book Discussion Series where each month, over the course of three weeks, we engage in lively discussion on books written by leading experts.

All discussions are currently hosted using the Zoom online platform.

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Beginning September 15, 2020, Newman UCC will be publishing an online, racial equity newsletter titled; 


This monthly resource provides resources and information on community programming.

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racial equity


At its meeting in August, 2020, the Newman UCC Church Council and Board of Trustees approved the creation of a new

Racial Equity Team 

which will be given the responsibility of aligning our various Boards/Committees in the work for Racial Equity. 


racial justice

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