As a result of pervasive racially motivated violence in this country, Newman Congregational Church, UCC in Rumford, RI has taken steps to address one aspect of this injustice -- that of educational access and opportunity. In 2020 it created the Community Racial Equity Scholarship and awarded $4000 to Desiree I. Weeden, a graduate student at Providence, College. 

Funding for the Community Racial Equity Scholarship originated within the Newman UCC faith community, but additional sources of income will be necessary to continue and expand the program. Join Newman UCC in its effort to level the education playing field for BIPOC folks while instilling hope for a better future. Racial disparities in the United States are widening, and without concerted efforts, such inequity will continue to grow.

Contributions may be made online using the "GIVE" button below and then choosing "Racial Equity Scholarship Fund" in dropdown menu. Checks may also be mailed to the church office with "Racial Equity Scholarship" in the memo line. 

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time & talent

We acknowledge that there are many ways in which we are invited to support God's ministries through the church beyond our financial contributions. Volunteering our time, sharing our ideas, or using particular gifts and skills all assist in accomplishing the vision God has for our future. 

To learn of the volunteer opportunities that exist within the church, contact Pastor Timoth