Living the love and justice of Jesus requires that we engage with the world in ways that benefit our neighbors. Sharing resources. Showing up. Accompanying others. These are only a few of the ways in which the Newman UCC community puts its faith into action through the Mission ministry of our church. Continue below to witness the work of our Mission Ministry.  


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local mission

As a faith community, the people of Newman UCC participate in a variety of local mission opportunities that assist in meeting the needs of our neighbors. Partnering with  local organizations, Newman UCC organizes programming and experiences that allow us to put our faith into action with a clear understanding that we are called out to serve.

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with the world

Newman UCC has a long tradition of engaging in mission ministry in places far from our home - in Haiti as well as other places. Through a variety of educational trips, mission engagements and resource sharing, we partner with countless others whom we understand to be God's beloved children. In and through  our partnerships we are witness to the ways in which the world can change when we look beyond ourselves.

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Sponsor a student in Haiti. Learn more HERE.

Help for haiti

The Haiti Task Force has worked with schools, orphanages, a clinic and churches throughout Haiti for over 30 years. The recent news reports of the assassination of the president of Haiti attempt to summarize the political situation in the country, mention the escalating violence in the streets and on the roads and the worsening economic conditions in this poorest of countries.

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mission opportunities

  • baby blankets

    The blankets made by Newman knitters for Women & Infants express the love, support and care at the heart of our Newman community. 

    Women & Infants multifaith chaplains, give the blankets to parents on the NICU as well as to patients on Antenatal, Oncology and Labor & Delivery units. 

    Patients express deep gratitude for this gift of comfort, care and prayer-  in times of loss and joy, grief and blessing. 

    Women & Infants nurses have begun to request the blankets for patients in tender and difficult times. These blankets make such a difference! 

  • rock project

    Newman has been invited to participate in a little project to help The Women & Infants Hospital Breast Health Center. The center is collecting painted rocks that would be disinfected for safety and offered to those having biopsies or other treatments that might make them anxious or cause pain. We welcome you to be a part of this project by painting rocks for others. Think of a word or design that would be encouraging and uplifting to a person who might be feeling pain or anxious from their procedure.

    We have some supplies on hand.  Contact us  if you would like a rock painting kit from church. Once your rocks are completed, they can be returned to the church and we will make sure they are sealed and ready to be sent to The Women & Infants Breast Health Center.  Happy Painting!

  • hugging hearts

    Do you have some time on your hands to fill with something fun to do that is beneficial to others? If you do, the Board of Missions has a way for you to spend some productive time fulfilling our mission to go “Out2Serve”. 

    Patients at Women & Infants Hospital who have had abdominal surgery have a need for splinting pillows for them to hold firmly against their abdomens to relieve discomfort and enable them to move more easily. So, we are offering the opportunity for you to join in on making No-Sew Heart-Shaped Fleece Pillows to be distributed at Women & Infants. 

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  • haiti - egg-a-day program

    A small team traveled to Haiti in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy had ravaged a portion of the country. Shocked to see so many empty seats in the schools the team learned that much of the agricultural land had been destroyed and that food scarcity had become an issue. Many children were too hungry and weak to come to school. The schools had no funds to provide food for everyone in need. The team immediately arranged for some rice, beans, and pasta to be sent to the area. But a long-range solution was needed.  

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